In the Lassalle-Haus, we believe that maintaining a healthy, socially, and ecologically responsible diet is an important part of our wellbeing.

In doing so, we strive to be as responsible as possible by using healthy and sustainably sourced products - for example, since January 2018, a portion of our vegetables are provided from the Lassalle-Haus gardens and tended by members of the local Zuwebe Group. We pay attention to the sustainable production and seasonality of the products we use, taking into account local farmers and suppliers, responsible Swiss producers in the food industry, and distributors in the organic sector. If you have special food or dietary needs, the kitchen team will be happy to help.

Sustainability Plays an Important Role at Lassalle-Haus

Our cuisine is mostly vegetarian. Meat is served at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Sundays, while fish is served at Thursday lunchtime. We adhere to this weekly planned meal schedule unless there is an issue with of our local biopartners (as much advance notice will be provided as possible).

For imported foods, we pay attention to fair trade products. The food at Lassalle-Haus is processed carefully and economically, so there is little waste. Appetizers are served directly at the table. The main course is served at the buffet, where the food is kept warm and accessible. The water you drink comes from our own local spring in Bad Schönbrunn.

Cafeteria – is it Organic?

Is the food in our cafeteria all-organic? Not quite, but we offer a large assortment of organic products in the cafeteria, including organic wines and fair trade coffee.

Why a Buffet Service?

In order to adhere to health and hygiene requirements and to avoid wasting large volumes of food, Lassalle-Haus has chosen to serve the main meal as a buffet. According to Swiss food laws, food that is uncooled and unprotected on the table must be thrown away after being served. Obviously this type of waste is not in line with our philosophy. We therefore prepare salads in small quantities in bowls instead of large plates.

Why Not Cloth Towels & Cloth Napkins?

To reduce our impact on the environment, a local cleaning company services our house laundry (sheets and tablecloths) once a week. We use only ecologically FSC certified products, such as paper napkins and placemats. These items are either recycled or reused as appropriate.